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As written in MUM Magazine April 2002 by ALAN WASSILAK, Herman Hanson Assembly #9, Watertown, MA:

Bob Little demonstrates a splinter gag using horsehair and then includes the necessary horsehair in the lecture kit. He transforms the meeting room into a magic/novelty shop. He offers a potpourri of effects, gags, and bar bets with coins, ropes, large nails, flash string, squeakers, and ribbons. He seems sometimes to come from outer space with his hyperkinetic body language and outlandish discourse, and yet he is chock Ul of down-to-earth advice on how to capture an audience's attention and create a thrill at an effect's climactic moment.

  • He is the incomparable Bob Little of Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

  • He was our lecturer at the January meeting, and he virtually set the room on fire with his enthusiasm. He also set most of us thinking about how we can make our conjuring presentations considerably more exciting by emphasizing the entertainment factor and the need to sell ourselves as much as our routines.

  • Bob's specialty is cards, but he didn't teach us any tricks per se. What he explained, clearly and precisely, were various dynamic methods for dramatically revealing selected cards and tips on how to purposefully "show off' to our spectators with eye-popping yet easy-to-accomplish flourishes and displays.

  • His repertoire is culled from the legacies of such as Walter Cummings, Paul Rosini, Ken Allen, and Max Londono, but he exemplifies how to customize the creations of others to suit our own styles.

  • A special treat was his demonstration of expert card scaling and boomerang spinning. Whether cutting a card in midair with a pair of shears or slashing through a newspaper page from a distance of 15 feet or more, Wild Man Bob evoked audible gasps of admiration from the group.

  • There is no other magician-no other human being-in the world like Bob Little. And, because underneath his quirky, sexy "Wild Man" persona there is an experienced pro who really knows what he is doing at all times and who knows how to teach the real work of captivating an audience, there is no other magic lecture to compare with a Bob Little lecture.

  • He deserves his Living Legend status.
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